Slow Down You Move Too Fast

.. if you’re in your middle years you will now be humming the rest of this ditty – I say humming as no one really knows the other words apart from the “feeling groovy” part.

Flashback to “music” lessons circa 1990 where you were forced to sing folk songs whilst the cringing from the pupils reached near fatal levels

I digress.

Unbelievably lockdown has only been in place for 68 days (if you’re familiar with my scribing… yes, I have checked). Bizarrely it has felt like forever but every morning I wake and, instinctively, in my half conscious state, my brain, quickly assimilates life’s puzzle pieces: what’s happened? what’s to come? This is, as it has always been, the first signs of my grey cells flickering to life I. The morning. Then I have to pause, as all of our lives have done, to remember the current state of our planet.

Research demonstrates that it takes somewhere between 66-254 days to learn a new thought process or habit* so I’m waiting for my brain to catch up around now and remember on waking rather than reminding myself it wasn’t some mercurial dream. Some say that life has changed forever but habits are hard to break.

*Having said that I’ve been pulling my stomach in for years and it still hasn’t got the message.

With restrictions of lockdown being eased a little people are now allowed to see 1 person from another household. Obviously many are sticking to that by the letter, some are adhering with exception of the word “one”(tis, after all, just one word!). Whilst out yesterday with Rock and Youngling (first family bike ride … well ,. Ever!) it’s was clear that our local park was bustling but not just with the avid runners, the reluctant plodders and the dog walkers but teenagers having picnics, families playing games together, couples strolling hand in hand. People just enjoying eachothers company. With the shops still closed and the sun still shining people are heading for the great outdoors. Have we actually learnt anything through all this or will people just return to type when the doors of the towns open. Manchild, for example, is currently notching up 4 online quizzes a week with his friends – will these simple interactions still remain in some form or will it be straight to Weatherspoons as soon as they open the door?

Home School has been emotional. On the one hand it’s resulted in a fair few sanctions being handed out but it’s also taught my youngling to appreciate her schooling, her friends and teachers purely. Absence really does, in this case, make the heart grow fonder.

Something I hope that won’t change is our gratitude to our health workers. The Thursday Clap for Carers is being silenced now but the memory remains. Jobs that were once overlooked and low paid are now just low paid. Hopefully with the gratitude of the world buoying them, the next time a pay increase is demanded it will be met with the gusto it deserves.

Walking in the park early this morning I was aware of the silence. Not the obvious one but there is another one. I’ve never been aware of the white noise of our world but I must have been listening, sub consciously. Unaware of my awareness to the rumbling of the wheels of industry constantly turning. Our wildlife, they have noticed, the timid ones in particular. Animals have been spotted much more frequently: badgers, hedgehogs, deer, usually incredibly sensitive have been seen out frolicking in the day time. Pollution levels have plummeted and thus Insect populations have exploded and, as the great circle of life decrees, the birds with so much more to eat, have taken over, the now unbelievably coloured, smogless skies.

Somewhere in the downright weirdness, the tragic loss of lives, the confusion and the worry it’s more important than ever to look to the light and it’s always there if you choose to find it.

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