The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit…actually quite a lot.

Clokdaydown 26

The Field Trip

Head Teacher, Class Teacher, HOD and TA have went on a field trip.

Field trip was to research the impact of sun and relaxation on the human body. This was a real time, practical assignment. Due to the shortage of teaching staff hubby Rock Caretaker took over lessons today.

First lesson was maths but Caretaker disappeared (allegedly to pick up vital resources but possibly to pick up vital coffee supplies) and Head Teacher had to delay field trip. Rock returned in time for maths marking. Lighthearted discussions ensued regarding the factual accuracy of the questions, and thus answers, but Caretaker had to concede that my assertion of “it really didn’t bloody matter” was indeed correct.

Had warned Caretaker about pupil’s tendency to lose focus but having watched DT lesson unfold I have deeper understanding of which gene pool pupil’s attention span hails from; half way through DT Caretaker started building a “lean-to” whilst pupil was trying to learn a Tic Tock dance. Have been accused of being controlling so ignore shoddy lesson plan and continue doing nothing at all.

Must learn to let go. Caretaker and pupil, in fact, built a fine object d’art. Pupil also completed her PE, maths and spelling; PMS – very important if you ask me. “Literacy” has gone on the back burner this week as who needs to learn about adverbials of manner for 4 days in a row anyhoo?

Note to self: Must write to Minister Of Education regarding rather abstract school curriculum.


Captain Tom has now, just before his 100th birthday, raised a princely sum of £28 million 👏🏻

People are still dying … not, thankfully, El Capitan. 18,738. 😔

By Kim Hawley

I’m a mum ... 48 years on our glorious planet and I have got some stuff to get of my chest!


  1. OMG … You know there is a register for people like this. Shall register them both. There is still hope for youngling… must hang on to that fact else risk joining said register


  2. I, as you know, do not have to deal with such issues (those relating to the attempted education of younglings, that is)…..However, as I absorbed the detail of your blog, I began to feel some empathy with you 🤔 I also have a member of our household (one guess) who has concentration issues, is VERY easily distracted from the job in hand and really could try harder…..Yesterday, whilst chopping wood for our log burner (just in case, lockdown goes into next winter, I presume) said member of the household decided to make himself a pretend tractor….out of a wheel barrow full of logs, a garden chair, two spare car wheels and a hubcap (that was the tractor steering wheel of course) !!!! Today, he celotaped a brush (from an old dustpan and brush) to his head….and asked me….in all seriousness….what did I think of his mohican. There’s no answer to that ……So, I do feel your pain.


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