The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit…actually quite a lot.

Lockdoooon Day … 243567

Lockdown has been extended for another 3 weeks. Pesky pandemic is still loitering around, unwanted. We have lots of hospital beds now which is great news except if you work in a hospital as they don’t have enough face masks…or visors….or gowns….or gloves. Think that’s it.

To date 1,4576 lives lost

Yesterday….achieved nothing. Did nothing. Went nowhere. Today I did ever so slightly less*. “That’s good” said Manchild. “Do things that, hitherto, you didn’t have time to: read, write, do yoga ettceteraaaa, ettceteraaaa” (yes he really does talk like that…he has a “distinction star” in drama therefore fully qualified). After some thought I realised that I am, in fact, doing all those aforementioned things but timing activities prior to youngling tippy toeing out of bed in the morning or after she has retreated back into it; thereby freeing up the rest of the day in order that I can achieve my advanced mumming badge. God only knows why**as youngling spends most of her time on video calls with her classmates discussing the pros and cons of various stationary providers and exchanging amusing gifs. If I do attempt a start on anything by myself, youngling will, at that precise moment, undoubtedly appear at my side requesting another game of swing ball. It’s an actual cast iron certainty. **Am clearly a control freak with severe case of mother’s guilt which is a lethal combination.

*Could have done the ironing but I will be buggered if the only I achieve in a day is flattening out clothes.

Went to park with youngling. Loving the folks on their bikes all kitted out: cycle helmets and high vis Lycra; there are a lot of them. Loving the dedication, though unsure there is any need for that amount of Lycra unless competing in some way. Also, noticeable increase in ladies power walking….with handbags… strange sight but suppose you never know when you might need a boiled sweet or a tissue. Don’t get me started on the middle aged men in football kits. If Rock turned up with a football kit I would consider that grounds for divorce.

Happy thoughts…..Thursday is Clap For Our Carers day. At 8pm we all come outside our front doors (respecting the 2m distance from the neighbours) or lean out of our windows (not too far now) and clap/ cheer/ crash saucepans together for all the doctors, nurses, paramedics and carers. So nice to see.

18 million has been raised by a wonderful chap called Captain Tom Moore, a WW2 veteran who, 1 week short of his 100 birthday, has been doing a sponsored walk; 1 lap of his garden at a time. Today Tom complete lap number 100. Candidate for Sports Personality Of The Year me thinks – as long as he isn’t involved in a doping scandal.

By Kim Hawley

I’m a mum ... 48 years on our glorious planet and I have got some stuff to get of my chest!

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