The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit…actually quite a lot.

Lockdown Day….who cares?

I’ve hit the wall.

I’ve just cleaned the inside of the wheelie bin..will do the outside tomorrow.

Is it ok to blame my weight gain on the gym being closed now? Nothing to do with eating toffee popcorn for breakfast? Why exactly doesn’t breakfast have pudding after it?

Am I the only one who gets excited when someone knocks at the door now? Am turning into the dog.

What shall I wear to the living room today?

When this is all over, invite us out, we promise we will turn up this time, we’ll even help set up.

Turns out that my hobbies are just eating and non essential business.

When exactly is the acceptable time to changing from ones day pyjamas into ones night pyjamas?

Is it now socially acceptable to cuff it?

Instead of an “are you still watching” notice can I reprogram my tv to say “are you sure you want to eat that as well?”

Is this what it’s like in Las Vegas? You can drink cocktails at any hour, lose money by the minute and have no concept of day or time?

Does the in “sickness and in health” part, cover worldwide pandemics – no get out clause?

I can’t wait to hit my grandkids with “back in 2020…” if they say they’re bored.

Remember last year when the worst thing that happened was the Game Of Thrones final episode?

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  1. Veronique Shaw says:

    I’ve just learnt from an obviously reliable source (my zumba friend Shaz) that Cortisol can cause fat to build up around the midriff 😞 Who knew??…..Of course, Cortisol is the hormone produced during anxiety and stress (we all knew that, didn’t we ???! ) And if cleaning wheelie bins inside AND out is not a sign of anxiety and stress, I really dont know what is@&! Anyway, the point being, I have solved the issue of your weight gain Kim👍 So dont worry, you can continue to eat all things fattening for breakfast (and the other 22 snack periods through the day) because reducing that wont help at all…..thank me after lockdown 😊


    1. Kim Hawley says:

      And that is why we love people like your friend Sharon from Zumba…. a rainbow in a rainy sky.
      Ps just to confirm… is Sharon from Zumba of an average weight ie is she talking from experience or hope?


      1. Veronique Shaw says:

        Sharon is an attractive, fit 54 year old and is of average height and BMI……Mind you, she does currently have Shingles all over her face and in one eye ⁉️


      2. Kim Hawley says:

        Ooooh, contagion aspect aside, I am inspired. I shall continue eating my weight in snacks to keep me amused.


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