The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit…actually quite a lot.

Lockdown Day … Easter Weekend

Busy Doing Nothing.

Do excuse my tardiness. Ok, so scheduled blogging time is, ordinarily, approximately 8pm daily, give or take, but was busy yesterday in a socially distant birthday quiz* (happy birthday B). This, though, involved setting up said remote system on my computer, for which I needed a step by step infomercial by a 22 year old. The last time I felt that old and out of touch was at last year’s work Christmas party where it turned out that the average age of the people at our venue was around 19.2 yrs – our collective brought that average up sharply.

* which I won by the way.

Truth is, I have not done anything new or indeed noteworthy. Cooked as usual, cleaned as always, cleaned oven as per never, satisfyingly, rearranged the fridge… twice. Tomorrow am cleaning under stairs cupboard and cutting Rock’s hair. I have no training in this. Rock is nothing if not foolish brave. Apart from playing a variety of games with our youngling and trying hard to avoid playing a variety of games with our youngling, I have done nothing…at all. Sweet FA. I sat on my hands after I’d twiddled my thumbs then dilly dallied and did some clock watching.

Just watched TV advert about staying home “we need your buttocks” …. it said “on the sofa”. A direct appeal from our NHS to get people to stay at home. Pesky pandemic is due to, according to scientific boffins, reach its peak tomorrow (Christ knows how they figured that out) and so, as the best offence is defence, I have done my best to oblige. I am an obedient kinda girl. Have watched Rock continue to do a one man refurbishment of house, have pretty much finished watching Netflix, and have completed 2 books, and that is a lot of colouring I can tell you. Tomorrow shall cut the grass… just need to locate my nail scissors.

Watched a film called Contagion. Now fully understand why, if you happen to have a couple of screws loose, how you might buy into conspiracy theories. Highly recommended even just for the OMG factor.

In recompense, thought I would give overview of situation thus far:

  • Pandemic deaths worldwide 107,775. Rubbish.
  • Boris Johnson, our elected leader, has been released from hospital after being admitted with Covid 19 on 27/3. Well done clever, brave, underpaid Medical Staff!
  • US has won the grim accolade of having now the most deaths to date 19,600. Mr Trump has clearly gone with the “natural selection” technique. Nice one Mr President
  • Lockdown still in force after 3 weeks. Turns out am a pro at staying in.
  • Shops are all shuts apart from essential services such as food, medicines etc. Most things available to buy on line apart from hand sanitiser… which will take 6 weeks to arrive … from China… oh the irony.
  • All sporting events cancelled: football (yay), Wimbledon 2020 (sorry mum) , 2020 Olympics has now become 2021 Olympics.
  • A tiger in Bronx Zoo has tested positive for Covid 19. Shall definitely be keeping my 2m distance from tigers for the foreseeable future.

Have started my own food blog *

* If you know me you will know how far down the rock bottom of the barrel I am scraping to find things to do.

By Kim Hawley

I’m a mum ... 48 years on our glorious planet and I have got some stuff to get of my chest!

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