The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit…actually quite a lot.

Lockdown Day 16


Up and out at 7am for 90 minute uphill hike (granted, I had to come back downhill too but am focusing on the positives). People very respectful of 2 m distancing rule, so concerned are they about pesky pandemic. I was a little perturbed by their willingness to walk out into the road in an effort to create the 2 m virus buffer but you cannot fault their commitment. People though seem, despite the distancing, friendlier, more willing to catch your eye and say good morning.*

*except miserable lady with rancid dog who lives round the corner who has always gone out of her way to avoid all eye contact as if she is blind. Dog is a chihuahua not a Labrador so assume she is fully sighted.

The roads were almost deserted with the exception of supermarket delivery vans and, tragically, ambulances.

On return, joined youngling with online PE session. PE session, ordinarily, involves 30 minutes of exasperation at lack of enthusiasm but today, on a promise of monetary advancement, she was leaping like a Gazelle. Should have used bribery incentive before. PE would have been much more productive.

Invigorated, youngling, then instigated biscuit baking, several wholesome rounds of swing ball and a good old fashioned cycle ride. Never was there a more fitting time, amongst all this tragedy, to spend time doing simple things. Calling people you don’t normally speak to. Hearing the birds sing, flowers bloom.

Rock foraged for some vegetables and arrived back at the homestead with a box of all sorts of delectables. A couple of items were unidentifiable but, in these times of austerity, I cooked those bad boys up anyway. Youngling sat at dinner table “what are those?” she asked pointing her plate “I’m not too sure” said I “ what was it before you burnt it?” She asked…. cheeky little whipper snapper.

By Kim Hawley

I’m a mum ... 48 years on our glorious planet and I have got some stuff to get of my chest!

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