The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit…actually quite a lot.

Lockdown Day 15 ish

Today received letter from the Prime Minister of England. This letter, signed by BJ himself, was packed full of useful information about all manner of things such as how to wash my own hands, a whole section on the pesky pandemic and helpful tips on appropriate mingling. All of this in a super glossy pamphlet with accompanying letter from 10 Downing Street (said so at the top). Boris spared no expense. It appears though that Boris did not heed his own advice as he is now in ICU.

Poor Boris

The pamphlet came as a result, it appears, of those people who don’t watch the news at all. Ever. For they have not heard of pesky pandemic seemingly and they keep going out mingling inappropriately; sunbathing and such. Our Local Constabulary have now had to start policing the local parks to advise the picnickers to pack up their egg sandwiches and go home. I’m sure if they got a letter like mine from BJ they would stay home and wash their hands thoroughly.

Go home love

Perhaps though they should have called it the “Stay At Home Challenge” and put it up on Instagram. Pesky pandemic would be gone by now. Literally gone viral.

By Kim Hawley

I’m a mum ... 48 years on our glorious planet and I have got some stuff to get of my chest!

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