The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit…actually quite a lot.

Lockdown Day 13 (have checked)

Awoke. Body and brain were totally enthused at the new day ahead , eyes, however, did not get memo and resumed the closed position. Fought internal battle. Got out of bed (go me). Having learned from experience of Lockdown thus far (2 weeks of good but horribly failed intentions), had workout clothes by bed in preparation. Felt smug at already successful day.

Walked past mirror. Horrified. When blessed with curly hair there is a fine line been messy natural waves and simply unhinged. Was the wrong side of this line. Felt it prudent to perform bit of grooming. Perused online workouts. Took 40 minutes to find one suitable. Pesky pandemic has induced every exercise instructor in entire universe to put up new super lockdown inspired session. Commenced chosen online yoga session. Lady on screen was not aware of my just woken state of mild rigor. Took 25 minutes to limber up. Video was only 30 minutes long . Rewound it and repeated with much more success. Super smug. 2 workouts in one day.

Checked diary, not for content (barren) but merely to check progression of week. It is apparently Saturday.

Home School is closed. Not only is it the weekend but also Easter holidays. Regretfully, in a fit of excitement at prospect of Home School closure, I told the youngling. Realised my mistake all too quickly as home schooling has been keeping her occupied for vast majority of the day. Could have used this to my advantage and, whilst I read books and ate snacks, could have had her researching transgender pets or perhaps famous Saudi female politicians of the late 21st century. If discovered could have passed it off as elaborate April Fools jape. Must now keep her entertained for next 18 days within the confines of our home. Have been keeping myself entertained by eating but cannot do that with youngling as it is child abuse. Will have to download, previously banned, app based fun instead.

Although staying home all day is a tad bothersome, by not mingling we are officially life savers; despite the absence of any medical training. #stayapartstaytogether.

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