The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit…actually quite a lot.


..AND WHY AM I SHOUTING? Shall cease the shouting. Clearly cabin fever has begun to creep in.

Woke up. Good start. Decided to lower expectations thus day ahead will undoubtedly be great.

Seriously considered staying in bed but must soldier on as Home School is due to open. Headteacher can not lead the way in her pj’s. Roused my pupil and informed her that PE will be commencing at 0800 hours. Announcement could have been received better but Head Teacher is nothing if not resilient so ignored the crying.

PE went well to be fair. Followed a very enthusiastic, handsome young man on the World Wide Web for half an hour – muscles rippling and locks flowing freely (possibly in need of a sturdy hair tie); his sheer joy at the money he was making bringing exercise to the nation, was positively contagious. Fortunately this event was only witnessed by my youngling as 48 year old women pretending to be Spider-Man is not a sight for the faint hearted. Followed this with first dog walk of the day. Canine very excited at prospect. Dogs, it seems, have an overnight reset button. Forgets each day that there are 2 more walks to go so extremely happy on first excursion. Last walk of the day is met with, after extricating him from sofa, with not so much as a wag.

Decided to apply a little make up. This clearly should have happened sooner as youngling immediately commented on vast improvement. Perhaps au natural look isn’t for everyone. Perpetually undecided as to which way to go with aspirations for my young lady: fine line between bare faced beauty and can’t be arsed, I want her to be kind to people but know when it’s time to throat punch them …Daughter Dilemmas.

I’ve not let myself go…am living sustainably

Did a little shopping for housebound neighbours. Supermarkets during lockdown are, once you get in, a veritable treat. Empty aisles, no queues…joyous. Lady in queue behind me was admonished by store supervisors for standing too close (pesky pandemic has meant a 2m distance between humans has been introduced). Glad she was chided as clearly an idiot. Was wearing face mask and protective rubber gloves but didn’t think twice about invading personal space. All the gear, no idea 💡

By Kim Hawley

I’m a mum ... 48 years on our glorious planet and I have got some stuff to get of my chest!

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