The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit

Lockdown Day 5

I am in arrears. On 2 counts.

This being yesterday’s post I feel I should offer an apology. Due to worldwide pesky pandemic, our family’s paid work* has been reduced to tiny puff of smoke – spent 4 earth hours trying to complete online application for government financial assistance (*I say “paid work” as Rock has spent 2 days laying super new floor for us whilst I have been home schooling our youngling plus worn our dogs paws down to the bone with a thoroughly overzealous walking schedule).

So, to yesterday.

Have been putting it off but did the maths and taking into account quantity of snacks vs quantity of physical movement have calculated that, by week 4, arse will be size of small country. Chose sufficiently energetic online workout to follow. Small child decided to join in. Small child, it seems, needs to exercise as much as I do. Small child was lying supine after 90 seconds with imagined injury.

PE over, Home School today involved modal verbs and rectilinear shapes. Yup, I didn’t know either. What I do know is that no-one actually ever needs to know as its, at best boring, and, at least, totally pointless. Sanctions are an issue: detentions are not possible as we are at home, flogging is frowned upon, banging head against walls is causing nothing but hilarity … Might put teaching career on hold for time being.

At 8pm nation stood outside and did a clap for all NHS workers. Thoroughly heartwarming.

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