The Diary of Kim Hawley aged 48 and a bit

DAY 3 Lockdown Day

A tumbleweed wouldn’t have gone amiss this morning. Street eerily quiet. No cars save for the man in the Porsche who thinks people are staring in admiration. Is clearly not aware he is a bald moron. Made a helpful gesture to assist in his understanding as he passed by the 4th time.

Home school failed to open properly today due to headteacher’s lack of enthusiasm. Assigned day as a PE and housekeeping day. Manchild’s bedroom in dire need of an exorcism due to youngest offspring having used it as her playroom for 4 months. Found multiple items previously thought to be lost including 28 pens, 2 tubes of glitter (not actually lost but now found…sprinkled liberally on carpet) and 3 cereal bowls. Contents of bowls are as yet to be identified but in current viral climate thought it best to dispose of both bowl and contents.

Pesky virus update: 8077 have it, 422 sadly didn’t get to eat their grapes.

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